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erotic friend fiction i made out
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I think people are sometimes disturbed by the idea of teenagers having sexuality, and of sexuality being a prominent thing in a young person's life. Bob's Burgers is a silly, fun show, and Tina Belcher is a silly, fun character. I like to think that I have a pretty great sense of humor. I'd write erotic friend fiction like Tina Belcher, only my story would guest-star all of my friends. And hey, if the kids start reading erotic friend fiction instead of watching porn, that couldn't hurt, either.

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Maleah. Age: 24.
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That's not unusual for teenage girls in pop culture, but Tina is different, because she is in total control of her sexual identity.

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Tiffany. Age: 20.
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I Wrote Erotic Friend Fiction Like Tina Belcher, & Here's What Happened

But teen sexuality is a reality, and instead of over exaggerating it, or dismissing it all together, I think it's time to acknowledge it and provide support, information, and more role models like Tina Belcher. At the very least, I want that for my own daughter. I picked a few of my sexiest pals and wrote some erotic friend fiction about them.

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