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The same is not true of the Spanish "ll" which is just "yee" at any position in the sentence. Sei apparsa con la tua luce, non hai barriere, non hai barriere no, sei la gloria degli dei, asta la muerte In un mondo di illusione, io ero condannato, ero abbandonato vivevo senza senso ma poi sei arrivata tu. Tue Feb 07, am GMT. It's like comparing Australian accent with the US accent. There is an old remainder of Italian accent due the important inmigration of Italians to Argentina.

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Probably that's my only "concrete" conclusion

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Transductionem ad linguas neo-latinas

I find Spaniard accent high-pitched, different to the Italian one. In the late period c and g before e and i y were palatalized; i before vowels developed in [j] as y in English yet and subsequently became affricate as j in English jet ; in the same position u became first [w] and then [v]. Ch and j are pronounced as in French.

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