The loud house meme

the loud house meme
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Then at a park, Luan, wearing roller skates and a helmet, films Lincoln, on a scooter and wearing a helmet, doing tricks, he slip and fall on the sidewalk and crashes into Luan; At home, Luan, with an ice pack on her head, is with Lincoln, with bandages on his head LUAN: Nothing! Later at home, everyone, sans Luna, are sitting on the couch watching TV, Luna is approaching the couch. Showing you an amazing trick, all you need is seeds and a bunch of cans! Lincoln rip his clothes off, revealing his swimsuit and the two walk out of the house; Back at the party, Luan is eating cake and see's one boy with his older sister and she saw a little girl with her big brother, this saddens Luan. LUAN: He embarrassed you guys and the only way to apologize is to embarrass himself! Lincoln sadly walk in the hallway, only to slip on a banana peel, he cries; At another party, Luan, dressed as a mermaid, is juggling beach balls LUAN: This is for you, Greg. They check their laptop and to see their newer video has gotten over 9,,, views, they drop their mugs in shock and they fainted, the others, in their PJs, was watching them.

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Alessandra. Age: 25.
the loud house meme

LORI: yawning What is literally all the commotion?

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Veda. Age: 28.
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A Loud Meme

LUAN: While at my gig, I see some kids having fun with their little siblings, and that reminded me of the fun we had. In his room, Lincoln, wearing his PJs, is bouncing a tennis ball against the wall; Luan, in her nightgown, invite herself into Lincoln's room. Luan wakes up and slip out of Lincoln's bed, she went downstairs to make herself some coffee and she look at her laptop, and she many comments, she spit out her coffee.

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