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Egurui gets a bit stale after first few episodes. Just like Luffy or any other typical Shonen protagonist. E on about 2 years ago He comes back but he didnt destroy the earth since a character from the future was there to save them The point is that Goku doesnt learn from his actions because his actions have never resulted in anything lasting that could effect him Shattered. E 'If you do not have the heart of a lion, then do not travel on the path of love'. Sure, we see that he uses different transformations and we know that ssj3 is stronger than ssj1 but besides that there is nothing from the fights that would show that Goku has grown stronger.

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Krillin, Tien, Vegeta and Piccolo are.

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Quick Reply Guest You must login to post. Again, it is a form and style of writing. Goku as a character isn't meant to develop. Ffs I am not saying he has to have degree change in character but there couldve made some effort in writing the subtle changes.

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